Bahadurgad- Dharmaveergad Fort


Type:Land fort
Location:Pedgaon, Shrigonda Taluka of Ahmadnagar District, Maharashtra

Bahadurgad also known as Dharmaveergad is a land fort in Ahmednagar. Bahadurgad or the Fort of Pedgoan, is situated at the river bank of Bhima. It is still standing gloriously holding back the history along with it.


When, Shivaji, organizer of the Maratha Empire got the news that 200 top notch Arab steeds alongside a few wealth had arrived at Bahadurgad (in Pedgaon). Bahadur Khan was the administrator of the fort around then. Shivaji Maharaj wanted to plunder the stallions and the wealth. He composed a power of 9000 and separated it into two- one of 2000 and the other of 7000.

Bahadur Khan came to think about the proposed strike of Shivaji and kept the principle entrance of the fort open and arranged his energy. On the other hand, Shivaji himself had organized the spilling of Marathas’ arrangement of assaulting Bahadurgad.

Likewise 2000 Marathas entered the fort through the primary door. The watchful Mughals assaulted the Marathas. Then again, Marathas were not intrigued by battling and withdrew.

Bahadur Khan began pursuing them. This was precisely what Shivaji needed. The fort was left exposed. The second cluster of 7000 Marathas assaulted Bahadurgad. They rapidly got hold of the 200 Arab stallions and the wealth, and fled.

Additionally, Bahadur Khan couldn’t discover hold of the withdrawing Marathas known for their velocity and profoundly versatile nature of operations. Marathas were fruitful in misdirecting Bahadur Khan and the Adilshahi powers.

Places to Visit on Fort:

The town comprises of one fort known as the Fort of Pedgaon, “Bahadurgad” or “Dharmaveergad”. The fort is altogether ruins. It contains one building known as Mastani Mahal.

There are five sanctuaries in the fort, two of which are known as Lakshmi Narayan sanctuary and Baleshwar Temple. Lakshmi Narayan sanctuary is a decent illustration of construction modeling with cut columns, pictures of creatures on the dividers of sanctuary.

There is a decent cutting in the sanctuary. Presently there are no pictures in the sanctuary. An alternate Baleshwar sanctuary is committed to Lord Shiv. It is additionally in a demolished state. It contains 8 columns with great cutting.

A sanctuary manufacture by Aniruddha Bhintade is likewise placed in this post, Dharmaveergad. Fish cultivating is additionally done in Pedgaon in the Bhima River.

Numerous destroyed structures are scattered in the town. There are two entryways for the fort. One which opens in the town itself; which is still in a decent condition, while the other is toward the end of the fort.We ought to enter the fort from the town itself.

As we enter we can see 5 feet tall statue of Maruti standing gladly and a sanctuary of Bhairavnath. Uncommon peculiarity of the post is, there is a gathering of 5 Temples which was inherent Yadav period and the sanctuary of Bhairavnath is one of them. Anyway the sanctuaries are not kept up in great condition.

In light of the shading work done on the Bhairavnath sanctuary, it has lost its structural excellence. Before the sanctuary numerous structures are seen like Virgal, Satigal, a few Cannon Balls, a Deepmal and a statue of Shiva.

How to reach:

From Pune there are ST (State Transport) buses available to Shrigonda, distance between Pune to Shrigonda are 106 kms. From Shrigonda there are local transport and ST (State Transport) available to Pedgoan, which is 11 kms from Shrigonda.

Pune to Bahadurgad By Road:-

Route of Pune to Bahadurgad Fort
Pune – Hadpsar – Loni Kalbhor – Sortapwadi – Patas –
Daund – Kashti – Shrigonda – Pedgaon – Bahadurgad.

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Best time to visit:

Any time you can visit Bhadurgad fort.

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