Madangad Fort


Type:Hill Fort
Location:In the Nashik region of Maharashtra, India in the Kalsubai range.

Madangad lies in the Kalsubai Range, near Nashik, Maharashtra, India. At a height of above 4700ft (1.43 km), this is one of the most thrilling adventures around the Sahyadris mountain range. Reaching here is a difficult task with some ropes as the forest becomes dense & the rock patches are tough to climb in the monsoon.


Madangad fort doesn’t have a much-documented history.

Places to Visit on Fort:

Madangad fort is among the hardest treks in Maharashtra and Sahyadris situated at a height of 4900 ft (1.49 km), this fort has an area larger than the other two forts nearby Alang and Kulang, the top of the fort has only two water tanks in which water is available till February. For accommodation, there is a cave in which 15-20 trekkers can spend a night. It also offers a scenic view of the other places such as Alang, Kulang, Ratangad, Ajyagad, Katrabai, Dangya Pinnacle, Harihar and Trimbakeshwar with a span of 30 minutes to see the complete fort.

How to reach:

To reach Madangad fort there is base village Ambewadi. The route is very hard and there are steps, after the steps, there is a steep climb of 50 feet (0.02 km) to reach the top of the fort.

Important climbing skills and techniques are necessary to climb the top of the fort. It will take 7 hours to 8 hours to reach the Madangad fort from the Ambewadi base village.

Ghoti – Bhandardara via Ghatghar

The second way to reach Madangad fort is via Ghatghar. Reach Ghatgar via Ghoti –Bhandardar. From Ghatghar it takes four hours to reach the Alang and Madan valley.

Best time to visit:

The best time to trek Alang, Madan and Kulang fort is November and February because in the rainy season the route to reach the fort gets worse.

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