Khadka Fort


Type:Land Fort
Location:Near Ahmednagar District’s south-eastern border with Osmanabad District and Beed District

Khadka fort in taluka Jamkhed, Kharda fort is known as the oldest Shivapatan .On Mar 11, 1795, Marathas defeated Nizam at this place. This fort was built by Sardar Nimbalkar in 1745. The wall of this fort, the entrance is still in good condition and there is a barawa and mosque inside. There are 12 Jyotirlingas in the village and there is a huge crowd of devotees in month Shravan.


Kharda is famous for the Battle of Kharda fought between the Marathas under the Peshwa of Pune and the Nizam of Hyderabad, in 1795. This was the last battle of Marathas and the Nizam was badly defeated.

The Maratha Confederacy, along with Rajput (khada rajputs) won the war of Kharda. Hindu Rajput khada are warriors from the region in and around Rajasthan.

As Maratha Kingdom was spread from Deccan to Oudh and from Rajasthan to Odisha. Rajput khadas supported the war against the Nizam of Hyderabad. A major role was played by Bayas Rajput (Formerly Known as Bhaisade) Gaur and Goud families.

In lieu of that ‘Pant’ had given ‘Jagir’ i.e. land to Hindu Rajput khadas at Dharedwadi near Kharda. Many Rajput families had migrated from Kharda to Pune and Mumbai along with Bayas and Goud families.

Hindu Rajput khada thakur are also known as Thakurs and the language of this tribe is known as Thakuri Bhasha or Daguri Bhasha.

Places to Visit on Fort:

The fort is at ground level and still in good condition. Sultanraje Nimbalkar was the last ruler of this fort. The defeat was a politics as recorded by the Historians. It is also being called Bhamtyache Gaon.

In The fort Historical Mosque (Musjeed) Nanasahebanchi Chhatri. There is memorial temple very attractively built and carved in the stones such like as Kailas Lene at Ellora. This temple is the memory of Pant Nanasaheb Nimbalkar, situated to northern side of the village, at the shore of the river-Kautuka. Bara Jyotirling The village kharda also surrounded by the Bara Jyotirling means twelve temples of lord Shiva; namely- Kapileshwar, Omkareshwar, balakhadi, Rameshwar, Jyotiba, Rameshwar, Kedareshwar (Satephal), Mallikarhun, Sangameshwar, Ganneshwar,  Kanifnath etc.

There is also a hill temple called-Kanifnath with more than 400 stairs to get on the hill. The stairs are built with carved stones. On the hill there is a wtching place called ‘Tehelani Ghar’. From that sight everyone can see the circular area more than 7 km. The fair of Kanifnath called ‘Kanobachi jatra’ held every year on HOLI day. Kharda is now a village but in Peshvai’s times it used to be one of the major towns of Ahmednagar. It was also the trading hub of goods between the districts Ahemednagar, Beed, Osmanabad and Solapur, Dewas

How to reach:

By Air
Nearest airports are Aurangabad and Pune. Airport Shirdi (limited flights).

By Train
Ahmednagar is nearest railway station.

By Road
Regular State Transport Buses are available from Any Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation Bus Stand.

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Best time to visit:

Any time you can visit the Kharda fort.

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